Happy or Not, the New Year Cometh!

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Is there anyone reading this blog who has not ever made “New Year’s Resolutions” to start a new healthy habit, to stop an old unhealthy habit, to finally read the Bible through in one year, to purge the attic or basement of unneeded “stuff,” or to learn a new skill/language/subject which we have been thinking about learning for years (decades)?  Sometimes we make these resolutions out loud and share our intentions with our spouse or families or friends; sometimes we totally keep them to ourselves, sparing our embarrassment when we hit the month of February having totally failed!  If we succeed in our resolution, then indeed it is a Happy New Year.  But happy or not, the New Year cometh!

Today is January 1st and all over the world people are making resolutions to change and improve!  Nobody ever makes a resolution for negative change (“In 2023 I sure hope to be more slovenly!” or “this is the year I want to gain so much weight that I can have that gastric bypass surgery!”).  And if we are honest with ourselves, we usually admit that we need help to get it done.  We need help from God and we need help from family and friends.  Of course, nobody will give us help unless we ask them; the presence of “mind readers” in our lives may be limited to spouses!

But what about God, do we have to make our request for help known to Him or does He already know about all of our needs, including our New Year’s Resolution?  I say Yes, He already knows, after all that’s what Omniscience is all about isn’t it? 

In one of my seminars/workshops on The Merton Prayer someone commented in the Q & A time that this prayer does not ASK God for anything, when compared to the Our Father, which is filled with requests.  I agreed, The Merton Prayer does not implore from God any actions; instead it acknowledges wonderful actions done by God.  “Leading us on the right road even though we may be lost and in the shadow of death;” removing fear; promising omnipresence (“for You are ever with me”) and God’s aid and strength so that we will “never face our perils alone.”

So whether you share your resolutions for the new year, or hold them deep inside without sharing, The Merton Prayer just might be a source of strength for you on your journey.  And don’t forget Merton’s belief that “the desire to please [God] does indeed please [God]” so maybe craft your resolutions always and only to please God in all things.  After all, happy or not, the New Year cometh!  May we make the choices which please God, knowing that true happiness lies therein.

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