About Me

About Me

Steven A. Denny is a scholar, attorney, certified mediator, and ordained clergy.  Originally from Kentucky, he now lives in Oak Park, Illinois.  He and his wife, Miran, have five adult children, and a 13-pound Poodle/Bichon named St. Melangel (“Meli”).  Denny is a trial attorney and runs a law firm whose motto is “Striving for Justice in an Imperfect World” [www.DennyLaw.com].  He has a master’s degree in Hebrew from Lincoln Christian Seminary, a master’s degree in History from Illinois State University, was admitted to PhD candidacy in Semitic Philology at the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, and obtained the Juris Doctor degree from The University of Illinois at Chicago John Marshall Law School.

Jonathan, Katrina, Me, and Elena (2013 Cumberland Lake, KY)
Me, Miran, Nicole, and Julie

He knows Hebrew and several other middle eastern ancient languages, and his maternal grandfather was a Jewish immigrant from Russia.  Denny has spent several silent retreats at the Our Lady of Gethsemani Trappist monastery in Kentucky where Thomas Merton was a monk.  He credits The Merton Prayer for getting him through very aggressive cancer several years ago.  When he learned that no author had ever taken a deep dive into The Merton Prayer, he felt called by God to get this amazing and powerful prayer the attention it deserves. (From the cover of The Merton Prayer: An Exercise in Authenticity)

Yep, that’s me #22 for the Lincoln Christian College “Preachers

Meli the wonder Poodle/Bichon
Meli the Wonder Poodle/Bichon
Grandpa and Aria Marie (my 1st Grandchild)!
Juliana and Aria Marie at 3 weeks of age!

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